Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Five Common Causes of Thigh Pain

These are five common causes of prolonged and acute thigh pain

It is a condition related to bone infection. The infection usually has some effects on the long bones like those in your upper arm and thigh. Complication in your bone is usually chronic, lasting a couple of years. In acute osteomyelitis, their bone might die because of lack of adequate blood flow. Symptoms of osteomyelitis are usually thigh pain, swelling, fever, warmth and inflammation. They also may have an open wound that is necessary to drain pus.

Septic Arthritis
It is also a form of infection. It attacks the joint after bacteria infect the joint as the result of a surgery or sports injury. The pain at first affects the hip and then escalates to thigh and groin. The pain is felt when the sufferer walks aor touches the pain location. Other signs may include warmth, inflammation, swelling, chills and fever

It is a form of cancer that often affects long bones for example tibia, pelvis, arm bones and femur. It's the most typical kind of bone cancer found in kids, preteens and teenagers. The pain causes dull or sharp pain, which gets worse when the sufferer walks or runs, fever or skin inflammation.

Ewing's Sarcoma
It is another form of tumor that affects long bones in human body, and usually happens in the young teenagers. It also causes pain, fever, inflammation and pain on skin.

It is a form of soft tissue growth. It frequently happens in the upper arms, upper thighs, neck, torso and axillary cavities. It is surgically taken away if the location felt unpleasant, and infected or interferes with normal daily movements. The surgical procedure is performed in the doctor room or as an out-patient at any hospitals.

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